A multidisciplinary approach to online safety.

ESA member companies deploy a combination of advanced moderation technologies with human moderators to moderate content and conduct in gaming environments. The industry invests in trained individuals to review and analyze flagged content and conduct and to determine appropriate next steps. Video game companies customize their approach to human moderation and advanced technologies depending on what is most appropriate for their games, services and player community.

Holding bad behavior accountable

Following incidents of disruptive behavior or inappropriate conduct, a video game company determines the appropriate response and next steps. Responses to disruptive behavior may include:

  • Written warnings
  • Restrictions on the use of online communications or other features
  • Temporary suspension from a game or platform
  • A permanent ban from a game or platform
  • When appropriate, the video game industry will report the matter to law enforcement

Many companies also train and collaborate with gamers themselves to help oversee individual game communities and promote a supportive culture.

Our members are harnessing human oversight to keep players safe.

Explore these examples from some of our members.

  • Oversight

Activision Blizzard

A combination of human moderation and tools address reports of misconduct in a timely manner or prevent them all together.

  • Oversight


Xbox players are protected from unwanted content and conduct through a combination of technical means and highly trained professionals.

  • Oversight

Sony Interactive Entertainment

SIE’s automated solutions are supplemented by its trained global moderation teams, which support players in all languages 24/7/365.