How the video game industry maintains trust among player communities.

The consistent enforcement of codes of conduct is essential to preserving the integrity of a positive gaming experience. ESA member companies are committed to the following principles:

  • Setting clear expectations for acceptable online behavior
  • Being transparent with community standards
  • Consistently enforcing the of codes of conduct
  • Harnessing policies and trained teams to determine appropriate consequences for unacceptable behavior

Explore examples from several ESA member companies

  • Codes of Conduct

Activision Blizzard

Activision observes a franchise-wide Code of Conduct for Call of Duty focused on three core pillars.

  • Codes of Conduct

Electronic Arts

A commitment to building healthy game communities that are positive, fun, fair and safe led to the launch of its Positive Play Charter.

  • Codes of Conduct


The Community Standards act as a roadmap for upholding Xbox’s values and maintaining good conduct and appropriate content.

  • Codes of Conduct


A clear set of Community Guidelines that outline the expectations for players when engaging with Nintendo products, services or events.

  • Codes of Conduct

Riot Games

A clear and comprehensive codes of conduct for League of Legends and VALORANT.

  • Codes of Conduct


Ubisoft created a global Code of Conduct for its entire network.