The Intellectual Property Protection and Security (IPPS) intern will assist with various projects in support of ESA’s efforts to protect its members’ games and devices from infringement. Projects will focus on research, programming, and online enforcement. These projects will provide the intern with valuable insight into the video game industry and data sets pertaining to intellectual property enforcement. 


  • Regularly monitoring infringing sites, collecting and recording data;
  • Reviewing and classifying information about online video game infringement;
  • Auditing vendor performance by comparing results from different data sources;
  • Writing code in Java, C#, Python, or equivalent coding languages (optional); and
  • Knowledge of how to perform database queries in MySQL or equivalent language


  • General understanding of online piracy and/or the infringement of video game content
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience with Internet research
  • Working knowledge of code development

Other openings

We’re always looking for great colleagues, so even if you don’t see an opening right now, please submit your resume by email to us:

Manager, Creative Services

Washington, DC

Law Clerk

Washington, DC

Director, State Government Affairs

Washington, DC

Chief Counsel, IP Protection & Security

Washington, DC