As part of their commitment to keeping Nintendo games, online services and events safe, friendly, welcoming and fun for all, Nintendo has established a clear set of Community Guidelines that outline the expectations for players when engaging with Nintendo products, services or events. Nintendo utilizes various approaches when enforcing its policies, and takes actions to hold players accountable for actions that do not uphold its values. Nintendo works through various channels to make users of its services aware of these expectations and help promote respectful and welcoming engagement.

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Activision observes a franchise-wide Code of Conduct for Call of Duty focused on three core pillars.

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Electronic Arts

A commitment to building healthy game communities that are positive, fun, fair and safe led to the launch of its Positive Play Charter.

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The Community Standards act as a roadmap for upholding Xbox’s values and maintaining good conduct and appropriate content.

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A clear and comprehensive codes of conduct for League of Legends and VALORANT.

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Ubisoft created a global Code of Conduct for its entire network.