In July 2023, Microsoft Xbox released a new addition to its family and online safety tools. The new voice reporting feature gives players the ability to capture and report inappropriate in-game voice chats. More specifically, this feature equips Xbox players with the ability to capture a 60-second video clip of an in-game voice incident that they believe violates Xbox’s Community Standards and submit it as evidence to the Xbox Safety Team for review. Key features of the tool include:

  • Designed for minimal impact to gameplay. Players can quickly capture clips and return to gameplay, then finalize and submit the report when gameplay is over.
  • Players have full control – only they choose what to capture and report. Voice capturing is limited so that only the player can initiate the recording of the last 60-seconds of gameplay for content moderation purposes.
  • Clips cannot be downloaded, modified or shared. Xbox does not save or upload any voice clips without a player choosing to start the reporting process.
  • The clips lives on the player’s console for 24 online hours. If they decide not to report within that time, the clip will be erased automatically.

With this addition, Xbox’s player reporting and evidence capabilities now cover all content including text, image, video and voice, further supporting player safety. All players and their data are protected and secured in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

To help players learn how to use the in-game voice reporting feature, Xbox Support published a quick ‘how-to’ video that demonstrates the process step by step.  

Official Minecraft Server List
In partnership with GamerSafer, Microsoft’s Mojang Studios developed an Official Minecraft Server List that enables players to find community-run Minecraft servers that have been properly vetted so they can make informed choices on what servers they would like to join. Each server must meet various safety and community requirements and comply with the Minecraft Usage Guidelines to be included on the list. By supplying easy access to a pre-approved list of multiplayer servers committed to positive player experiences, Microsoft provides informative guidance and vital safeguards to help promote and foster a welcoming experience for all Minecraft players. 

Xbox Transparency Report
On a bi-annual basis, Microsoft releases its Xbox Transparency Report  to highlight its continued commitment to player trust and safety and share the wide range of actions Microsoft has taken to moderate content on the Xbox platform. The report provides an overview of tools and processes that protect players, enabling them to experience the joy of safe, inclusive play in the Xbox community. The goal of the report is to share what happens behind the scenes, providing greater understanding of the company’s approach and practices.

Xbox Transparency Reports:

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Activision Blizzard

A multitude of options to personalize the player experience and ways to communicate, compete and collaborate. 

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Riot Games

A “Muted Word List” that allows players to manually filter out words and phrases they do not want to hear.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

An innovative technology that empowers players to report unwanted interactions through a new Voice Chat function.

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